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  • Chimpanzee

    March 7 — March 17 | tickets $15-45

    An aging, isolated chimpanzee pieces together the fragments of her childhood in a human family. Bleak reality bleeds to vivid memory in this non-verbal puppet play. Inspired by true events.

  • Ashes

    March 12 — March 17 | tickets $35-45

    Ashes is the collision of two stories a generation apart. In a small village in the south of Norway, we find is a young man who sets houses on fire, and a writer who seizes them as literary material several decades later.

  • Engaging Artists: New Works in Practice

    January 24 — February 23 | tickets FREE

    Artists working to inspire social change engage in-depth processes often unseen by the public. Engaging Artists: New Works in Practice is an entry point into the practices of emerging socially-engaged artists who participated in More Art’s 2017-18 Engaging Artists Fellowship.


    March 18 — March 23 | tickets $15

  • CULTUREMART 2019: Cannabis!

    March 18 — March 19 | tickets $15

    Baba Israel and his band Sound Inscribed, featuring Grace Galu, explore the history of Cannabis through music and spoken word. Inspired by Martin A. Lee’s 2012 book Smoke Signals: A Social History of Marijuana - Medical, Recreational, and Scientific, this theatrical concert weaves a time-traveling tale of jubilation, injustice, and transformation.

  • CULTUREMART 2019: 9000 Paper Balloons

    March 20 — March 21 | tickets $15

    Artists Maiko Kikuchi and Spencer Lott use humor and puppetry to weave their family histories into the remarkable true story of a deadly secret weapon - the paper balloon bomb. This bilingual play follows one balloon as it silently drifts across the Pacific Ocean and lands near a family in Oregon.

  • CULTUREMART 2019: Songs of Sanctuary for the Black Madonna

    March 20 — March 21 | tickets $15

    Imani Uzuri’s international sojourns to sacred sites of Black Madonna icons provide the theoretical framework for this immersive multi-movement opera project. For CULTUREMART, she will explore themes and muses from her previous works that celebrate Black femininity as divine through the lens of sacredness and sexuality, informing her process for creating this new epic.

  • CULTUREMART 2019: Paper Room

    March 22 — March 23 | tickets $15

    Paper Room is a dance and visual art installation inspired by origami paper-folding techniques. A large-scale collapsible paper structure transforms the performance space, constantly-shifting bodies fold and unfold, and viewers are invited to consider how much of what we see is “true” or “real” – and how we fill in the gaps.

  • CULTUREMART 2019: A Voluptuary Life

    March 22 — March 23 | tickets $15

    “Men who love men have always been.” A Voluptuary Life presents one man musing many same gender loving lives across the ages. The time traveling cultural anthropologist shares several heightened, explicit, literary voices. During his expedition of sexual conquests he discovers something far greater.

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