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Current HERE shows

  • Thomas Paine in Violence

    November 6 — November 18 | tickets $25-45

    Thomas Paine in Violence is an electronic psychedelic opera-sermon set in a radio station in the afterlife of the Founding Father and international activist.

  • No Tomorrow

    September 7 — October 28 | tickets FREE

    Death is inevitable. Every living thing meets its demise at some point. Different cultural customs have been developed to honor and mourn the dead – some elaborate and ornate, while others somber and contemplative, and even sometimes jubilant and joyous. The artists involved in “No Tomorrow” investigate and embrace the beauty of death as a movement for rebirth, contemplation and facing the infinite stillness.

  • Ontological Puppet Show: The Toy Becomes A Weapon

    October 26 — October 28 | tickets $15

    A seething experimental landscape of bizarre possibility, this anarchist nihilist philosophy puppet show has toured Europe and the Americas, from Oslo to Buenos Aires, from gutters to galleries, morphing slowly like the singing of a whale. Death stalks the garden and unmasked beings belch forth inverted offspring as God devours the sun.

  • Tree Pop, An Imaginative Pageant Amongst the Pines-An Ode to Friends That Leave & Objects That Speak

    November 30 — December 10 | tickets $25

    A visual poem told through a variety of puppetry forms, dance, and music. Tree Pop evokes memories of old friend, meditates upon the life of objects, and explores how we play.

  • Implied

    November 2 — December 23 | tickets FREE

    Implied juxtaposes video and work on paper by Bang Geul Han and paintings by Jenna Gribbon.

  • Black Inscription

    January 11 — January 20 | tickets $30

    Through music, sound and imagery, Black Inscription plunges us into our oceans and fills us with wonder, outrage, and hope.

  • IYOV

    January 15 — January 20 | tickets $30-75

    An extraordinary Ukrainian opera, IYOV blends an emotional journey, the birth of a new sound, and the endless possibilities of the human voice.

  • Symphonie Fantastique

    March 29 — June 17 | tickets $35-100

    A one-of-a-kind under-water marvel combining the magic of puppetry with the powerful suggestions of music, dance and abstract art.

SubletSeries shows

  • Whiskey Pants: The Mayor of Williamsburg

    September 28 —
    October 28

    An award-winning immersive operetta by NY Innovative Theater Award Nominees De Gré, Anderson and Gay. A land where the whiskey is always flowing and people live in blissful peace. Welcome to Williamsburg, where it’s easier to drink and it’s dangerous to dream.

  • Welcome to Point Pleasant. A nice place to live. A small ordinary town of good, decent folk; where the extraordinary swoops in on dark wings and holds it in a gaze of glowing red eyes that usher in a year of terror and confusion. A strange and beautiful tale told through music and puppetry.

  • Billy and the Killers

    November 7 —
    November 18

    A play meets a rock band in this alt-rock musical about a pair of misfit lovers and a bloody crime of passion. When Billy’s girlfriend is brutally murdered, the police discover his dark, disturbing music and accuse him of the crime. What heals the artist can destroy the artless.

  • Greencard Wedding

    November 29 —
    December 20

    Brooklyn 2012, where you can be whatever you want…until your visa expires.

  • AMP

    December 5 —
    December 19

    An electrical current; A Modern Prometheus; an investigation of gender, Galvani, Mary Shelley, and the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

  • America is Hard to See

    January 30 —
    February 24

    Using a blend of interviews, archival research, religious hymns, and original music, this daring new play investigates the lives in and around Miracle Village, a rural community for sex offenders, buried deep in Florida’s sugarcane fields.